Wednesday, March 30, 2005

La Vida Scholarship

March 30 2995 ---------------

It has taken quite a bit of time, but our school district has finally entered the internet age with it’s first Paypal account. You can access it through the Wired magazine web site:

or directly:¤cy_code=USD

Scholarship Information:

This is a Phoenix Union Partnership entity that can accept money, issue receipts and is tax deductible. It is for the “La Vida Robot” Scholarship fund. The restrictions are:

If the funds indicate it is to go to "La Vida Robot", the funds can only be disbursed by the approval of Allan Cameron OR Fredi Lajvardi.

Verbally we have agreed that the funds are to be disbursed only to the four students/alumni mentioned in the Wired article "La Vida Robot" (April 2005), Cristian Arcega, Lorenzo Santillan, Oscar Vazquez, and/or Luis Aranda to be used for post secondary education.

Written guidelines will be formalized within the next week. Generally, one forth all funds will be originally allocated to each student/alumni for educational expenses. Cameron or Lajvardi will decide what educational expenses are appropriate. After a period of time (e.g. 3 years) of academic inactivity, a student's allocation will revert to be equally divided among the remaining group.

The purpose is to help finance the kids’ educational activities to earn a degree or employment skills until the funds are exhausted.

There is no overhead or administration costs except for the charges by Paypal (2.9%+$0.30 on each Paypal deposit).

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