Friday, April 22, 2005


Friday April 22, 2005

Well, the bad news is that we lost our first three games. The kids really drove the robot well, but the competition IS tougher and our allies did not score as many points as we wished. The forth and fifth games did go our way and our recode is 2-3-0. There are two more qualifying rounds tomorrow.

The last game we played had an undefeated robot and our alliance told the Falcons to contain that number one robot. Although the opponent was fast, Cristian was able to pin their robot. It was quite a one-on-one match up. Our alliance won that round thanks to our great defense.

Marie, Annalisa and Luis made our Chairman’s presentation to the judges at three o’clock. They felt they did a real good job of presenting our influence on the local community, especially with junior high students and our lobbying with Governor Napolitano and legislators. Throw in all the national publicity that they have garnered and they have a strong case. Tomorrow afternoon, the last and most prestigious award will be announced.

This evening, Dan Green from ABC News Nightline joined us. Josh Davis, author of the Wired article also arrived. The kids questioned them for tow hours this evening. It was the best seminar I have ever attended. Cindy was so interested in their careers that we asked Dan if Cindy could intern with him tomorrow when he meets with Dean Kamen. Hopefully that will happen.

We found out this evening that our team will be on page A1 of the Arizona Republic We all phoned home so our families will save copies.

It’s late and everyone is sleeping and this is going to be a short report.



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