Sunday, June 19, 2005

Houston Day 4 National ROV competition Results

Well, we placed third. A combination team of high school and college students from Newfoundland won first place. They really did do a good job in the competition and they deserved to win.

Monterey Peninsula College came in second place. Although we were higher in the performace score, they wrote a better technical report.

The kids are in a good mood and we feel we did well considering that we did not do as well as we were capable of doing.

A year ago, on the drive home, Lorenzo would burst out with "We beat MIT!" After this year’s contest I looked over at Lorenzo and I said, “Well, we can still say ‘We beat MIT!’" Lorenzo thought for a second and replied, “Yeah, but there’s one college in California and all Canada shouting, “We beat Carl Hayden! Dr. C, we were the team to beat. That’s really something.”

Thanks for all you support. We will now go on vacation for a while. School and the engineering cycle will start again at the beginning of August.



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