Thursday, March 09, 2006

FIRST Veterans Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ day 1

Thursday March 9 2006. Veterans Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ

Today is practice and inspection day. Tomorrow competition begins.

We unpacked “Karen” our FIRST robot. She had to be packed and shipped by February 21st. We spent twelve hours repairing and modifying our shooting robot. We had a basket on the top of her to hold the nerf balls that we shoot, but the balls kept jamming. We have replaced the basket with a tube that curves up and forward. Karen now looks like a scorpion.

Pablo is a sophomore, but he has been on the team since his first day of school last year. He worked hard to be chosen as the robot driver this year and he is doing a fantastic job. He has the skills of the “Gameboy generation” and discipline to listen to Cristian, the “coach” on the driving team. We are allowed four players: Driver (Pablo), codriver (Marcos), Human Player(Luis) and coach (Cristian). They have only had a little practice, but they seem to be doing fine.

Our girls VEX robot team, the VEXens, set up a field with their robots. Even though today was not a “demo day”. They attracted a lot of attention. Our young ladies have come a long way. A few months ago, none of them had ever held a power tool and today they are showing people how they made everything and letting people try driving their ‘bots. I imagine there will be a VEX competition alongside the FIRST regional next year.

Well, the robots ready, the kids are ready and the opening ceremonies are at 9am tomorrow. I’ve been told the games “The event will also be broadcast on the NASA channel. Here is a link to that information. Please click on the Arizona event.”

Look for us, team 842. We will probably be the only school with cheerleaders!

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